It's time to SLOW DOWN

Meditation is something you can do anywhere. The power of slowing down and taking note of your body and how you are feeling brings so many positives to my life. In this blog I will cover some of my meditation tips how it helps me and just genrally anything else that I think is intresting along this journey. 




Strength & stamina

Meditation has given me strength and stamina of the mind. It has been a useful way for me to slow down take not and understand my body. 

achieving your goals

To help me achieve in my everyday life I make a conscious decision to ensure I take time for myself and meditation really allows me to focus on just me. 

Meditation to most is a journey to me its been a discovery of self worth and inner piece. 

My name is Mitchell Stuart and like many of you reading I had a busy life, filled with commitments at work social and family responsibilities. I got into meditation using headspace an app that encourages ten minutes of meditation a day. It really helped me work through the initial stages but I wanted more. 

As this desire grew I knew my meditation journey was starting. I have been practicing meditation now for 5 years and thought it was time to share with people what I have discovered along the way. 

In this blog I will be covering all things I have unearthed when working on my self through meditation. 

I really hope you enjoy and if it helps you or one person my job is done. 

Mitchell Stuart. 



My name is Mitchell Stuart and I have been practacing meditation now for 5 years. In this blog I am looking to write down my thoughts and share my journey.


Every Journey is individual


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